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Avoid Sun Harm

There’s no upside to a lack of sun protection. Exposure increases your cancer risks and decreases your attractiveness.

May 15th, 2013
New Sunscreen Regulations

After 33 years of consideration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released their new rules for labeling sunscreens, which will take effect in June 2012. Here are some of the changes.

May 24th, 2012
Latest Press

Dr. Loucas was listed as one of New York Super Doctors 2012 in the May 20th 2012 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

May 21st, 2012
Screening Out The Sun’s Rays

As water reflects and amplifies the sun’s rays, boaters of every age should beware of the hazards of unprotected exposure.

Jan 2nd, 2012
Supple Summer Skin

While cooler months are behind us, our skin’s need for softening is still present. Moisturizers improve skin’s barrier function, minimize surface water, and keep the skin’s top layer softer and suppler.

Jun 2nd, 2011
Sunscreen Basics

Sunscreens should be applied to dry skin 15-30 minutes before going outdoors.Most people apply only 25-50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen: one ounce, enough to fill a shot glass, is considered the minimum amount needed to properly cover the exposed

Sep 2nd, 2010
Reversing Sun Damage Cosmetically

Despite popular belief that the majority of skin damage occurs before we turn 20, we now know that safe skin practices at any age can prevent and even reverse sun damage.

Apr 8th, 2010