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Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is more common than most people realize and can disrupt daily activities or cause embarrassment in social settings. The expert medical team at Loucas Dermatology on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City provides relief from excessive sweating with medications and Botox® injections so you get long-lasting relief. You don’t have to live with this embarrassing condition any longer. Call Loucas Dermatology or schedule a consultation online today to learn more.

Excessive Sweating Q & A

What causes excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a condition in which you sweat heavily for no apparent reason. You may sweat from your hands, feet, underarms, or anywhere else on your body. For many people, there is no known medical cause. This is called primary hyperhidrosis.

Additionally, if an underlying health condition is present, it may contribute to excessive sweating. This is called secondary hyperhidrosis, and you sweat all over your body rather than in just a few localized areas. Several health conditions may contribute to secondary hyperhidrosis, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Menopause
  • Obesity
  • Stress
  • Heart conditions
  • Chronic diseases

When should I seek treatment for excessive sweating?

If excessive sweating is disrupting your life or causing social anxiety, it’s first important to determine any underlying medical causes so you can get the appropriate treatment. If you’re otherwise healthy, but your sweat glands won’t turn off even when you’re not overexerting yourself, it may be time to seek the help of a physician. Several different treatment options are available to help combat this embarrassing problem.

How is excessive sweating treated?

There are many different ways the team at Loucas Dermatology can treat your excessive sweating and get it under control. Treatment options include:

  • Prescription-strength antiperspirants
  • Oral medicines
  • Botox injections

How does Botox help fight excessive sweating?

When other methods don’t provide the relief you need, Botox injections may be the solution that offers long-term protection against excessive sweating. One Botox treatment may provide up to 201 days of relief, or almost seven months, with a significant reduction in sweating.

Botox works to combat excessive sweating by temporarily blocking chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate your sweat glands. When your sweat glands don’t receive the appropriate signals, it leads to a reduction in the amount of underarm sweating you experience.

During your appointment, your doctor at Loucas Dermatology makes 10-15 small Botox injections into your underarm area. Within four weeks of treatment, you should notice a significant decrease in the amount of sweat you produce under your arms. These results are long-lasting and safe as your body continues to produce and release sweat in other areas.

Although Botox is not a cure for excessive sweating, and you may need another treatment in the future, most men and women get long-term results so they can enjoy life without the constant worry of an embarrassing sweat problem.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward addressing your excessive sweating, call the Manhattan office of Loucas Dermatology or schedule a consultation using online booking.