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Heredity, certain health conditions, and even stress may cause significant, irreversible hair loss as you age. The board-certified dermatologists at Loucas Dermatology on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City are experts at treating hair loss so you can look and feel your best inside and out. To learn more about innovative hair restoration solutions like platelet-rich plasma therapy that can help you grow your own hair, call the office or schedule a consultation online and take the first step toward reversing hair loss.

Hair Loss Q & A

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss, including male- and female-pattern baldness, can happen for a number of reasons. It’s more common for men to experience hair loss as part of the aging process, but women can have thinning hair, too. In addition to age, some common causes of hair loss include:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Family history/heredity
  • Stress
  • Significant weight loss
  • Poor nutrition
  • Some hair treatments or hairstyles

In some cases, hair loss is only temporary, but if you have permanent hair loss, platelet-rich plasma injections may help.

What is platelet-rich plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the part of your blood components that contain the highest concentration of platelets, which are made up of special proteins or growth factors instrumental in healing injuries. A member of the team at Loucas Dermatology draws blood from your arm and processes it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the other parts of your blood. Once separated, the PRP solution has a higher concentration of growth factors than is typically found in your blood.

How does PRP therapy treat hair loss?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can speed up the healing process for injuries, and it can also be used to promote hair growth in a similar way. When the doctor injects PRP into your scalp where hair loss has occurred, your body goes into repair mode and the PRP promotes cell growth and stimulates collagen production. The concentration of plasma cells also helps promote hair growth by prolonging the hair cycle growing phase and stimulating hair follicles.

Generally, you receive PRP injections over the course of three to four months, but your doctor creates a customized treatment plan based on your family history, amount of hair loss, age, hormones, and other factors. You may begin to see new hair growth several months after beginning PRP treatment. The expert dermatologists at Loucas Dermatology also have their own customized product line to help with hair loss.

If you’d like to learn more about how PRP injections can help if you’ve experienced hair loss, call Loucas Dermatology or schedule a consultation using online booking today.